Turismo en - Hotel Cabaña del Lago


Every time you come to our hotel you will be supporting our community.

At “Hotel Cabaña del Lago” the local community is of vital importance and our commitment to the environment is the basis of any action. The 40 years of history that we have built together are a true reflection of these commitments.

Sustainable tourism is a new way of thinking, which implies taking charge of the environmental, economic and social impact generated by tourism activity.

Our sustainability area works to optimize all processes to save energy, incorporating environmental and social practices as part of its identity.

“Hotel Cabaña del Lago”, actively participates in Corporate Social Responsibility plans, collaborating and supporting the community; in Puerto Varas, homes for minors and in Puerto Montt, Tecnique schools.

It also participates in the development of ventures, such as:

  • CAMM (Center of Art Molino Machmar).
  • First Clean Point in Puerto Varas.
  • Future public Marina of Puerto Varas.
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