Promociones - Hotel Cabaña del Lago


Low season, up to 20% off on superior rooms

Pet Friendly: Come with your pet to the Eco Cabañas

  • Special rate to stay with your pet at Eco Cabañas
  • Water and food dish, bed/cushion for your pet.
  • Assisted buffet breakfast in the Restaurant. (you cannot enter with a pet)
  • Heated pool (you cannot enter with pets, use of a cap is mandatory).
  • Free access to the gym (you cannot enter with a pet).
A non-refundable fee of $35,000 including VAT will be charged per pet per night additional. Maximum 2 pets allowed and only dogs and cats.

*The above values  for Chileans and residents in the country must add the payment of VAT. (Value subject to exchange rate).
  • Only dogs and cats are accepted as pets
  • Pets are allowed with a maximum of 20 kilos and a maximum of 1 pet per reservation, and their age is greater than 6 months. If they are assistance dogs (guide dogs), they can access the hotel without weight restriction. For additional pets, contact the hotel directly.
  • Pets must be fully and appropriately trained by their owner and must comply with all current health requirements in the country, such as up-to-date vaccinations and deworming.
  • The pet must be on a leash at all times unless in the cabin with the guest.
    The area delimited as use for pets are the rooms in the Eco Cabañas sector. The pet CANNOT access public areas within the hotel building, Restaurant, Bar and recreation areas (swimming pool, spa, pool room, etc.). This does not apply to guide dogs.
  • It is strictly prohibited for the pet to urinate or defecate inside the room. Each guest is responsible for cleaning if they do so in the hotel areas or garden.
  • Guests must contact the rooms department (via front desk) to schedule a time for housekeeping in their room. This will only be done in the presence of the guest, with the
    defined security measures.
  • Owners are responsible for all property damage and/or personal injury or damage caused by their pet. They agree to indemnify and hold the hotel, its owners and operators harmless from all liability and damages suffered as a result of the guest’s pet. The hotel reserves the right to make additional charges for the cost of such damages.
  • The hotel will provide a set of dishes for water and food; Also, a comfortable bed for your pet.

Senior Age Special: Discounts

  • Special offer rate in Hotel rooms for seniors.
  • Assisted buffet breakfast in the Restaurant.
  • Heated pool (wearing of cap mandatory).
  • Free access to the gym.
From $80,000 + VAT in Standard Room to $240,000 + VAT in Eco Family Cabin

*The above values  for Chileans and residents in the country must add the payment of VAT. (Value subject to exchange rate).
  • The reservation holder must prove age at the time of check-in (over 60 years, men or women), otherwise, a flexible rate will be charged without a special discount.
cruce andino bariloche puerto varas

Use the discount coupon CA_HCDL_2023which applies a 10% discount for the one-day trip (Oneway and Rountrip) as well as for the trip with accommodation in the middle of the mountain range (Villa Peulla or Puerto Blest); to travel from now until April 2024

20% discount on Rent a Car

Access this benefit when renting a vehicle to visit the most beautiful attractions in the area.

Use the promotional code ``cabañadellago`` on the website

More options to enjoy: Lunch + Pool

Monday to Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Adult: Three-course menu + Pool = $30,800.
Child: Two-course menu + Pool = $27,900.

Both rates include a pool cap.


Reserve by writing to

or by calling +56652200100 annex 3012.

Limited spaces and with prior reservation

Pool use hours from 3 to 6 p.m.

Take advantage of these must-sees during your stay

Panoramas at the Bar

  • Grill table $15,800 for 2 people from Thursday to Saturday.
  • 2 scop for $8,500 every day
  • 2 sangrias for $8,500 every day
  • Oysters and Wine Bar
    and much more!

Grill a la carte

  • 7 to 11 p.m.
  • Thursday to Saturday
  • Incredible cuts of meat and fish.
  • Ask about garnishes

Chef’s suggestion lunch

  • From Monday to Sunday in restaurant
  • From 1 to 3:30 p.m.
  • Unique signature cuisine, with a southern touch in its preparation.
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