Spa - Hotel Cabaña del Lago

Meliette Spa


50 mins.

$40,000 each

Alternatives: feet, hands or face. It is a pseudotherapeutic that is part of reflexotherapy, it focuses on a complete body area, it stimulates different points that improve our well-being.

Thai massage.

90 mins.

$95,000 each

It is one of the most beneficial for releasing stress, it combines extension and pressure movements on the body’s energy points aimed at improving flexibility and blood circulation.

Mud therapy.

50 mins.

S50,000 each

Topical treatment that consists of applying mud or clay, in order to provide our skin with exfoliation benefits and elimination of impurities, absorbing oil from the skin and reducing the size of the pores.

Hot Stone Massage.

50 mins.

$50,000 each

Hot river stones are rubbed over the body with circular massage techniques to relax and relax the muscles. For the person who receives it, it is extremely relaxing.


50 mins.

S45,000 each

Natural healing therapy with laying on of hands, safe, holistic, treats the human being as a whole, easy to use and helps with acute and chronic diseases, promotes spiritual well-being and mint.

Facial massage and hydration.

60 mins.

$55,000 each

Therapy includes: cleansing, exfoliation and drainage. Application of nourishing mask. Everything to make your skin luminous and smooth.

Relieving massage.

50 mins.

$45,000 each

It aims to release muscles and joints to help them function at their optimal level. The purpose of massage is to relax and loosen stiff muscles.

Relaxation Massage.

50 mins.

$46,000 each

It consists of performing superficial maneuvers in which the intensity of the pressure is soft, the rhythm slow and repetitive, so that when receiving repetitive and constant contact, the sensation of pain is lost and the muscles relax.

Myelotherapy Massage

50 mins.

$50,000 each

Exfoliating body treatment based on raw honey applied directly to the skin. It is based on performing a massage with circular and ascending techniques to combat dryness of the skin, gives luminosity, shine and provides the five senses with extreme pleasure.

Sport massage.

50 mins.

$55,000 each

It promotes stretching and relaxation of our body, the muscle recovers its original shape and elasticity, which promotes better sports performance. Helps prevent muscle injuries during physical activity.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

50 mins.

$46,000 each

Soft and light massage that is applied to the circulatory system and whose objective is to mobilize the body’s fluids to promote the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the liquid that occupies space between the cells.



Mixed reflexology. 50 mins.50 min

$47,000 each

Includes the 3 areas face, hands and feet..


Mixed Massage. 50 mins.


Mix 2 or 3 massages (e.g. decontracting-relaxation, relaxing-lymphatic, etc.)


Massage. 100 mins. 100 mins

80,000 each

Any of those on the list


Family Pack

$40,000 each

For the purchase of more than 4 massages

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